Friday, August 24, 2012

Our time at Vandy

The morning after Griffin arrived, my sweet Mother-in-law brought Camden and Hadley up to the hospital to meet their new baby brother. They stopped on the way and each picked something out to give him. Camden picked a little frog rattle and Hadley (probably with Camden's help) picked out a monkey lovey for Griffin. They both were absolutely smitten with him. Hadley did awesome! I was so worried she would be upset about me being there and not at home. I did get dressed and made sure to not be in the hospital bed when they got there.
This is Aaron's amazing mom, Nana. She was so incredibly kind to drive up and take care of my babies while I was in the hospital. It was such a gift to know they were in great hands, and to not feel worried about them for even one second. Thank you so much, Pidge. We all love you so much!
We got to spend several hours enjoying time with all three of our amazing children.
Later on in the afternoon, my parents arrived eager to meet Griffin. I was beyond excited to learn that they planned to stay until that Sunday :) I was so thankful to have them around those first few days. No matter how old I am, it will always feel good to have my parents around. We love you Grammie and Poppy!
Love love love my little buddy :)
Griffin did great in the hospital. He is such a laid back little man. He was an awesome nurser from the start, and only lost 6 ounces.

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