Sunday, April 14, 2013

The big FIVE!

In just the blink of an eye, my big boy is five years old. It seems like just yesterday that I became a mommy, and now my oldest is no longer a baby. :sniff sniff: 

Right now Camden is: 
Obsessed with legos
An entertainer
Awesome at pretend play with Hadley. 
Big brother extraordinaire
Big time bike rider, two wheels since Hadley's 2nd birthday
Sporting "rockstar" hair
Lover of digging in the dirt
Starting to eat more foods, finally!
Looking forward to homeschooling next year
Sleeping with about 4,382,729 "babies" in his bed
Still kisses on Mommy and Daddy, but NO ONE else ;)
As ticklish as ever!
Shy around new people
Always happy outdoors
Starting to sound out words
Daddy's boy

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Half a year as five!

Wow, six amazing months with our little Griff. This little guy truly has my heart. He is such a sweet baby and a blessing to our family. 

Newborn Griffin
One Month Old

Two Months Old

Three Months Old

Four Months Old

Five Months Old
Six Months Old!!!

He is such a big talker! He loves to babble and squeal :) He got his first tooth on August 23rd. The same age his big brother was when he got his!

Griffin, or as Cam calls him Goose, is Camden's biggest fan. He just watches and waits for Camden to give him some love. 

We have tried a few foods with Griffin, and he loves eating solid foods. Since they are just for fun right now, we do them sparingly. Breastmilk is enough for him nutritionally for his first year. So far he has tried Avocado, squash, and pears. 

My little chubby love bug weighed 19 lbs, 8 ozs, and was 28 inches long at his 6 months check up. Dr. Swarr said he is doing great, and there is no longer any concern about his motor skills. He is just a happy, content, lazy baby. 

Love this sweet smile so much my heart aches. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Four Months with Fuzzy Wuzzy

We are so blessed to have had Griffin in our family for four amazing months. I am so thankful for his sweet smile, countless cuddles, and happy giggles. I am thankful for children that truly love and cherish each other.
Thankful for a baby who is a perfect third child, so laid back and easy going. Griffin has my heart. I love holding him, bathing him, nursing him, rocking him, and checking on him each time I wake in the night.
I secretly get him out of bed sometimes and just hold him while I watch tv or play on the computer when Aaron works closing shifts. He looks so different during the day, but sleeping on my chest he looks so much like he did as a newborn. I have truly enjoyed each of my babies, but I feel like with each one I get even better at soaking it all in.
We went for his well child check up the other day. He weighed 17 lbs, 9 ozs., and it 27 inches long (one ounce less than Camden was and the same length!) He was diagnosed as being delayed on gross motor skills, since he wasn't pushing up with his hands during tummy time, or reaching for toys in front of him despite my efforts. We got a PT referral. That afternoon, he pushed up for the first time, and the next day he started reaching for toys so his PT evaluation has been put off. This little guy is just soaking life in as well as his I have learned to do over the last 27 years ;)
Camden calls him Griffin Piffin, Fuzz or Fuzzy Wuzzy, Hadley calls him Miffin, Aaron calls him G-Dubs and G-money, and I call him Griff Gruff....oh yes, and Griffin ;)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town!!!

The fabulous and amazing Karen of Karen Halbert Photography is tight with the big man in red. She was able to get him to head south to downtown Franklin and hear the wishes of many many precious little ones at her Santa mini sessions. My kiddos, well two of them, loved meeting him and it was a nice introduction for Hadley who walked away talking as if she gave him a big bear hug and told him her funny!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

In This Moment

I always want to remember these days. Days of waking up to Camden in our bed, doing "broccoli cheers" with Hadley, finally sitting down to a cold cup of coffee and enjoying every sip still.
Days of begging Camden to eat his meals, cuddling with Griffin, hanging out with Aaron after the kiddos go to bed, and Hearing Camden and Hadley say, "love you most!".
Days of telling Camden to get off of Hadley and telling Hadley to quit hitting Camden, watching Aaron throw the kids around, and cuddling with Hadley after her nap.
Days of helping Hadley take care of her baby dolls,taking Camden on bike rides, and repeatedly removing Griffin's pacifiers from Hadley's mouth.
These days of playing little people and blocks, watching Camden paint, and checking on all three babies before I go to bed at night. I truly love these days.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall in the Hall

On a warm Saturday, we went to a small fall festival at a local church with the Halberts. The kids had a fun time getting balloon animals, playing on the bouncy slide, and getting shaved ice!
The kids finished off the day with a few rounds of ring around the rosey!