Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where we are now......

The Roses are on the move! Aaron has been transferred to Nashville, TN and we are thrilled to be moving to our number one choice!! Life has been crazy lately, and it is going to get even crazier as Aaron commutes for the month of September and I continue working in Birmingham. We feel so blessed to be able to move to a city that we truly love and are lucky enough to already know a few people there, including one of my very best friends! I think it will make the transition much easier for me, since I was worried having never lived far from my family. When we ask Camden where we are moving he replies, "Nash-o-bill!!!". The kids are doing great and growing like little weeds :)

Camden is three and a half years old. He is the best big brother a gal could ask for and sillier than ever! He is constantly singing, dancing, running, and jumping. If you know him you know that he also enjoys his downtime, for sure! He is such a cuddly little guy and still loves to sit and curl up with mommy or daddy. He is an incredibly picky eater and lover of bubble gum. Camden LOVES more than anything to ride his bike or new spark razor scooter.....he just loves making it "shoot out fire". He is also very artistic and is always up for crafts, play-doh, and puzzles. I enjoy hearing his side of the story as he tells me about him days. Camden has my heart.

Hadley is fifteen months old and our silly little wild child! She is dainty, sweet, and very dramatic. She loves jewelry and shoes like nothing I've ever seen! This is truly engrained in her. When we are out and about and see jewelry racks the sweet thing cries as she reaches out for anything anyone will hand her. She does the Itsy Bitsy Spider, sings and dances, loves peek-a-boo, loves being tickled and chased down the hallway as she moves as fast as she can and loves to sit on my hip all. day. long. :) She just started walking this week. She took her first steps at 13 months, but just yesterday has started walking more than crawling. It is SO cute! She is so tall and skinny and looks just precious trying to maneuver her sweet little (giraffe-like) legs.

Aaron is working, working, working. He is such an amazing husband, father and provider for our family. Every single thing he does is for us, and I am so grateful to be his partner in this amazing life God has blessed us with. While Aaron does work about 70 hours a week, he still seems to find a good balance in life and spends all of his off time with us (he just lacks in the sleep department). Our kids actually spend more time with him than most because half of his working time is while they are in bed at night.

I am so happy with where life is taking us. This next month is going to be exhausting and stressful, but it will all be worth it once we get settled into our new home!


Rachel Parris said...

Shelbie, I am so in for the ride on your blog. We are thrilled for you all. Aaron is headed for great success in his career, but just might have already achieved his greatest success in finding you and helping to create this family. I think y'all better hang on you are in for a wonderful ride.

cherishjord said...

Congratulations on your move! I wish you the best of luck and remember take things one day at a time. Breath in, breath out. When it gets to tough, stop, take a break and laugh with your children. Moving is hard, but can be done!! Hope to meet up with you all soon.