Friday, September 17, 2010

Right Now......

Aaron is the rock of our family and works so incredibly hard to provide for us. He works a million hours a week to make our life, present and future, so fabulous. No one in the world makes Camden and Hadley (or me!)laugh and smile the way Aaron can. I thank God for him every day!

Camden is two and a half and silly as ever! He talks constantly about ghosts, dinosaurs, and robots. He is still our sweet little cuddle bug, and rocks as a big brother. Watching him interact with Hadley makes me so happy to see all the love he has for her. she will certainly be well protected! He is talking more and more every day and his imagination is amazing to watch and hear about. Camden potty trained pretty much on his own about a month ago. He just started back at MDO and we just love his teacher, Ms. Sylvia. They got to paint at craft time on Thursday and she wrote on his note that he wanted to paint all day....I believe that! He is a very artistic little guy, and loves nothing more than drawing and listening to music. I so look forward to seeing where life takes our little man, just not too fast!

Hadley is three months old and sweet as can be! She is a LOT like Camden was as a baby. Very cuddly, very smiley, and LOVES to be held all day (even the same ways Camden did). She has been sleeping through the night ever since she was five weeks old, which leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for each new and busy day! Hadley loves her blankies and pacifiers and falls asleep on her own while watching her mobile. She is SUCH an easy baby! :)

I am just loving life as a stay-at-home mommy. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to spend so much time with my little ones. I also get to see Aaron much more now because we used to work opposite shifts. I am such a proud mommy and wife and could not be any happier!

Thanks be to God!


marathonmommy said...

y'all are just some of the cutest people I know. REALLY. Love all of you and especially love seeing that baby girl's big smiles! Can't wait to see her (and you guys too!) again!

cherishjord said...

A beautiful post from a beautiful family.