Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let me tell you a little about my baby girl

Hadley is quite a mommy's girl! and I am just soaking it all in, since I know she won't be this way forever. There are very few times when she is fussing that it takes anything more than me holding her to solve the problem. My best friend, Ellen, always talks about how she looks so incredibly happy and content in my arms and I just LOVE that!

She is a VERY talkative baby. Every time she sneezes she lets out a big sigh afterwards....every. single. time. So cute! She is always up for a chat. All you have to do is say hi to Hadley and she is talking right back to you in the sweetest little girl voice I've ever heard. Her voice is already soo much more feminine than Camden's was, as it should be.

Her hands are one of my favorite things about her. She has long fingers and they are always looking so cute. When she is concentrating on anything, such as eating, they are stiff in the cutest little mannerisms.

I am so incredibly thankful to be Hadley's mommy!

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cherishjord said...

Hadley is such a beautiful girl. I've been thinking about trying to record Emelia "talking" so that I can always remember it. I love her smile and these photos you posted are just so precious.