Saturday, September 22, 2012

Griffin is One Month Old!!

It is really crazy how fast time flies when you are a parent, especially to little ones who change so quickly! I am truly enjoying being a mommy to three of the most amazing children. I feel completely and utterly blessed to have this life. Griffin is a really good baby, although right at three weeks he did start having a little tummy trouble. I have eliminated several foods from my diet, including dairy, coffee (the hardest!), tomato based food, black beans, and I just avoid any known usual problem foods for nursing babies. I also have over-active let down, meaning when Griffin nurses my milk comes out too fast which causes him to gasp and get too much air, causing gas pain :( This breaks my heart, but we just do things to work on it, and as he gets older he will be able to handle it better.
I am very thankful that Camden and Hadley have handled the transition to being the big sister and oldest of three so well. The excitement has worn off a bit, which is good because they are no longer fighting over who gets to hold him and it has been a week or two since we have had any tears over it not being someone's turn. I figure that if that is our biggest issue upon the arrival of a new baby, then we are doing pretty good!
Griffin is growing like a weed! At his two week check up he weighed 10 lbs, 9 ozs, and is growing each day! His 0-3 month clothes are already getting too short!
Not much is better than a nap on Daddy! and I believe Aaron agrees that nothing is better than napping with a newborn on your chest :)
Our little Griff gruff has sensative skin, something we have never encountered with Camden and Hadley. After having two children who have never had a single rash, poor little Griffin can't wear disposable diapers. We have transitioned to using cloth diapers easily, and I actually don't mind it at all. Plus, he looks so darn cute in them!

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