Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time flies!

I can't beleive how quickly time is passing these days! Hadley is five months old and cute as a button. She is still a super talkative little girl and there is no sweeter sound than her little voice. She has recently found her toes AND started to sit up by herself (still supporting with her hands). She and Camden are SO in love with each other and he calls her his best friend. If she is ever fussing he can cheer her up just by paying some attention to her. Life is so amazing and we are so blessed with such wonderful babies! Isn't this the cutest smile you've ever seen?! No word describes Camden these days better that SILLY! He is such a funny little kiddo and the things coming out of his mouth lately have us laughing out loud. He is 100% a big boy these days and LOVES proclaiming to me that he doesn't need a high chair...or pacifiers....or a crib....or diapers EVER again! a post to come on that NEXT :) This is a picture I took of him the other day when I told him to look cool :) LOVE HIM!

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