Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One month already!!!!!

I can NOT believe that our sweet Hadley's one month birthday has already come and gone! I thought time flew by with one child and it is going twice as fast with two! She is so sweet and we are all thankful that she is in our lives'. Camden is always concerned that I am going to leave her everywhere we the point that there are occaisonally tears if he thinks I am forgetting her. I am so relieved and thankful that the transition of going from one child to two has been so easy. Camden welcomed his baby sister with open arms and we have yet to have any issues. He does occaisonally pretend to be a baby, but it is very cute and not out of control. I certainly do not mind having to "tiny babies" to rock :)

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cherishjord said...

Camden is so sweet and I cannot believe Hadley is already one month. She looks like such a sweet girl too. It is funny you mention about Camden being afraid you will forget Hadley because Autumn does the same thing if I put her in the car first. It is wonderful to see how much they love one another even though they are so little.