Thursday, June 24, 2010

Then there were four.....

Hadley Marie joined our family June, 2, 2010. She is perfect, beautiful, and such an amazing gift from God. We are all so in love with her, especially big brother Camden! I was induced that morning at thirty-nine weeks, and it was a long slow going day. I am blessed with the most amazing husband, and am so thankful that he was there with me all day taking such great care of me and making everything perfect. At 5:30 PM I was only dialated 2.5 cm and assumed we had a VERY long night ahead of us. We told everyone to head home and wait for our phone call. Then the nurse checked me at 7:15 PM and I was 9.5 cm. I think if I went into labor on my own it would progress very quickly! We made lots of phone calls and all of the grandparents made it back with time to spare. They got everything set up, my doctor came in after delivering another baby, and I was ready to push at 7:50. With my first contraction my doctor informed us that Hadley was sunny side up…….not what I wanted to hear! He then said, “not for long, though”, and turned her with my next push. Hadley was placed on my chest at 8:03 PM and it was one the very best moments of my life. There is nothing in the world that will ever top the feeling of saying our vows at our wedding and meeting our precious babies for the very first time. I have chill bumps just thinking about it.

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cherishjord said...

I love these photos!!!! The owls are cute too!!