Friday, June 5, 2009

Always a good time!

This week, I was so lucky to get a week of vacation off from work as the family I work for headed to the beach. I did a lot of relaxing and spent tons of time with Aaron and Cam. Camden and I took another trip up to Nashville to see some good friends of ours. Camden and Tyler were so cute together and I am enjoying seeing the boys grow up together. They are both very sweet boys, not to mention two of the most handsome kids I have ever seen!

Karen has quickly become one of my very best friends, and I am incredibly thankful to have her in my life. She is an amazing mother, and I know that I am a different and better mom because of her. I can very easily slide into what can be too laid back way of life, and let a lot slip by me. Karen has unknowingly taught me when it is okay to live a carefree lifestyle and when I need to step up to the plate in an agressive fashion. I appreciate her honest and caring approach to life and friendship, and know that she has got my back :). She took these wonderful pictures of Camden for me, and I can not wait to get a few printed! Thank you so much Karen for inviting us into your house, we always have a wonderful time. Next time we will have to stay longer,though.


marathonmommy said...

Awww. You are TOO sweet. I adore you too and am so glad we are friends. I hate that miles come between us but am glad we are able to get together with the boys in spite of it!!! Your boy is the most smiley, sweet, cuddly boy I've ever met!!! You are welcome here anytime!!!

Alicia W. said...

That last picture is PRECIOUS! you should SO frame that one.