Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last week my family and the family I am a nanny for passed around a nasty cold. It was no fun for anyone involved, promise. Camden seemed to be all better for a day or two. Saturday he had a high fever all day, but seemed much better on Sunday. Monday came with lots of drainage out of his nose and eyes. I felt terible for my baby. Today I got and appointment for Aaron to take him to the pediatrician. He has a horrible, terrible ear infection in his right ear (not the ear that he has a tube). They left with a prescription that will hopefully bring some relief for my son. His poor eyes were crusted shut this morning. Having his eyes cleaned is NOT Camden's favorite morning activity, trust me. The picture above is from Saturday. I just hurt for Camden when he is not feeling well. I ask that everyone pray that he can kick this ear infection with antibiotics and we do not have to get a tube placed in his right ear.

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hgodwin said...

Hi there,
Wow how strange(well, then again not really because nothing is strange about this to GOD) that you have a son named Camden that has been through similar problems to my Camden! I am praying I have the same wonderful results you do and that after these tubes are in place my sweet baby boy will be happy and pain free! :)