Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catching up........

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I have not been so wonderful about keeping up with this blog, which upsets me. All I can do from here is try harder....right?

So I decided to devote this post solely to what my sweet thirteen-month-old baby is up to these days. Camden is a big boy and weighed a healthy 26 pounds at his 12 month check up seven weeks ago. I am guessing that he has gained a pound or two since, maybe more. He has six beautiful pearly white teeth, and shows them constantly with his big grin. He is a giggle box. No one gets better laughs than Daddy, though. He is becoming such a toddler, and I can tell he is understanding so much that we say to him. I am a proud mom, and could not be more in love with Camden.

From the time he was born, I thought he would be an early walker. He held his head up constantly at 3 weeks, and rolled over consistently starting then. Anytime he was placed on his tummy, he would flip (out of pure anger). He was what seemed to be very close to walking at 8.5 months, and we were sure he would. Then he got that horrible ear infection that after five rounds of antibiotics required a tube being placed in his ear. After the tube, he began sleeping through the night for the first time in his life. He was sleeping in our bed, though. He started to begin cruising along furniture much more after the tube. I, personally, am convinced that he would have walked early had he not been dizzy for months from the infection. Now he is 13.5 months old, and just two days ago he took his first two solo steps!!!! YAY! I do know that he will be faster and into even more once he is walking, but he is HEAVY!!!!! He does walk on his knees and it is very cute, but his knees must hurt.....right?

Back to sleeping.....Once he was consistently sleeping through the night in our bed, and we knew he was no longer in pain, we knew it was time for some sort of sleep training. I followed the advice of one of my very best friends, and read "Good Night, Sleep Tight" by The Sleep Lady. After just one weekend, Camden was going to bed drowsy in his crib at a decent hour everynight!!!!! I did enjoy our co-sleeping days, but it is a good feeling to put Camden down in his safe and comfy crib at night. I am working full time as a nanny now, and am really enjoying my baby-free time at night.

Camden is becoming more and more verbal. He calls Aaron "Daddy" or "Dada", and *finally* started calling me "mama" when he is happy (rather than just out of anger). He has started signing "more" and "all done". I just started working on them within the last month, but he picked up very quickly. He has a love for birds, and looks for them whenever outside. He calls out "Birdahhhhh". That is probably my favorite. He also says "ball", "baby", and has starting making a funny giggle when answering yes (but not completely consistently).

I feel like the luckiest mom in the world to have such an amazing son, and look forward to watching him grow each and every day.


Alicia said...

Oh, what wonderful pics! The last one just totally melted my heart!!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL.

AlleyJ said...

Just found your blog! Now we can be blog friends, but I don't have quite the great material that you do! He is beautiful! Hope to see you soon.

cherishjord said...

I love your photos of Camden!!