Sunday, April 27, 2008

Camden arrives

I went to the hospital on February 11, 2008, to be induced. Aaron and I got everything packed and arrived at the hospital at 5:30 P.M. as instructed. I got hooked up to the monitors and they started my IV. At 9:00 they started the cervadil. Aaron and I hung out for a while and he went to sleep. I stayed up all night. I was just so excited that I was going to meet Camden so soon. At 6:00 A.M., the nurse checked me then started the pitocin to get things moving. I had not progressed over night and was still 1 cm dialated, as I had been for two weeks. About an hour and a half later, I felt a gush and my water had broken. The nurses kept checking me every other hour or so with no progress. I began having very painful contractions around noon. I was having nothing but “back labor”. I was in horrible pain, and Aaron was having to constantly rub my lower back for me to be slightly okay. I had one dose of Stadol. Around 2:00 P.M., the nurse checked me and I had still not progressed. I began to get discouraged, and feared of a cesarean section. The doctor came in to talk to me, and I explained to her that the pressure was way too severe for nothing to be progressing. So Dr. Hancock checked me and realized that my water had not broken all of the way! She broke my water and I felt instant relief. The doctor said we would keep an eye on things, but I could go ahead and get the epidural. I had another dose of stadol , since it would be a bit for the anesthesiologist to arrive. The epidural was quick and easy and worked first try. From there it was pretty much smooth sailing, and I progressed quickly, especially for a first- timer. At 9:30 P.M., I felt like I needed to push, Camden was crowning. They got everything set up and I pushed for fifteen minutes. Camden was born at 10:10 P.M. He weighed 8lbs. 15.4 ozs. He was 21.5 inches long with a head full of hair.

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